und, Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure it exam then rolled down another level, under the tiltingplatform. In the shadow of the darkened overhang, he was out of sight. Vaderpaced the area like a cat, seeking the boy but he wouldn t enter the shadows of theoverhang. You cannot hide Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure forever, Luke. You ll have to come in and get me, replied the disembodied voice. I will not give you the advantage that easily. Vader felt his intentionsincreasingly ambiguous in this conflict the purity of his evil was being compromised.The boy was clever indeed Vader knew he must move with extreme caution now. I wish no advantage, father. I will not fight you. Here take my weapon. Luke knew full well this might be his end, but so be it. He would not.use Darknessto fight Darkness. Perhaps it would be left to Leia, after all, to Microsoft Certification carry on the struggle,without him. Perhaps she would know a way he didn t know perhaps she could finda path. For now, though, he could see only two paths, and one was into Darkness and one was not. Luke put his lightsaber on the ground, and rolled it along the floor toward Vader.It stopped halfway between them, in the middle of the low overhead area. The DarkLord reached out his hand Luke s lightsaber jumped into it. He hooked it to hisbelt and, with grave uncertainty, entered the shadowy overhang. He was picking up additional feelings from Luke, now, new crosscurrents ofdoubt.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure

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