Megastar Brand Signature Clothing Line

10 Apr

Megastar Brand Signature Clothing Line

Megastar Brand Signature Clothing Line


Megastar Brand Signature Clothing Line was founded by Aaron Mcbride in 2007, who is also a Black Rolling Stone artist from Harlem New York. The idea of him starting his own clothing line came from his fans who enjoyed his music and wanted to sport the clothing pressing his logos on Shirts, Hoodies, and snapbacks that his family, friends, and fans all supported. Aaron McBride was already known all over five boroughs because of his music. He wore his clothes while performing at different venues in NYC, where people started gravitating towards him, requesting custom made items. This right here is what gave him the vision to take things to higher levels. Furthermore he began to do research on the latest fashion trends, where he added socks, panty’s, skullys, boxers, women dresses, and sports bras to his addition. Taking it back to 90’s fashion he was inspired by Polo, DKNY, Amari, Phat Farm, Rocawear, Sean John, and Echo Unlimited, all the gear he grew up wearing.

Growing up he watched his mother and father work a 9 to 5, similar to a rat race. This is what gave him the drive and work ethic to be one few Entrepreneurs in his family. Aaron McBride was influenced by Fubu and the way they came up selling their clothing in the streets which later on turned into a corporation. One of his biggest dreams is becoming one of the biggest household brands, having his own retail franchise, like Macy’s, Jimmy Jazz, Walmart, and H&M. This year he will be working to get his clothing in more boutiques stores, attending fashion shows, as well as providing young adults who are graduating high school and entering into college with internships, who are looking to get into the fashion industry. Aaron McBride knows that we are moving into spring fashion so he plans on getting the models that he is currently working with in top fashion shows and magazine. Megastar brand also looks to launch work out gear for all those who enjoy going to the gym to exercise.

Aaron McBride understand that in order to win in life he must be spiritually in tune with who he is and what he wants. Russell Simmons who is a positive mogul is like a mentor to him, because he teaches people about universal laws and different wealth principals. A-Thug knows that happiness, balance, peace, meditation, and self love will help his visions to manifest into physical reality. Megastar Brand stands for being the success and the best at whatever you choose to do in your walk of life. Megastar brand model is “Win Within Yourself: You Can’t Be Happy Unless You Are Healthy, You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have, Never Loose You Value As Human Beings, Accept Your Value. Increase Your Value By Solving As Many Of Your Own Insecurities You Can. Who You Are Is The Greatest Asset You Will Ever Possess!!! Megastar Brand is the Perfect Gift

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