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@athugbrs @blackrollingstones
we performing @summerjam18
its trill and just the beginning
i said it couple years back .Now we got our own #Summerjam #kickoff in the parkinglot we litty !
so if you in the building look for
pass summer jams A-thug
our set up will be better #Megastarsummerjam
pt 1

pt 2



@Megastarbrandstore @athugbrs
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wanna open up for @athugbrs
this thursday slots going fast !
$50 call now 917 238 6081
June 7th fashion showcase
Bogie's resturant and lounge
527 Williams street East Orange
Designer get a slot to exhibit their designs. They are provided with artist and models. Live streaming. Live radio interviews . Television Interviews. Personal flyers.
Banners are provide for a few of $175 - $350.

Designers fees are $150- $300 package. And $50 vendorship and two look on the stage for a vendor.
International Raw Talent $150 aired on channel 190 Comcast also available for social media streaming.

Promo special... and percentage.... *Designers $450 = $150
*Vendor $150 = $50
*Door prices are $25 =$1
*Artist price $50 =$25
*Cable interviews $150 = $50

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pull up this sat #Athuglive
#Blockparty #bronx + i will be a judge
wanna open up $50 a slotcall 917 238 6081
In the loop summer heat BBQ showcase so you think you can rap when the hundred dollars for freestyling block party music full performances hundred dollars to the best site for judge by 8000 Mega Star TV and Lazarus top Dawn Saturday 3 to 8 p.m. Bronx

Check out my work i was feat on



Share some real shit today from A-thug

i told told baby girl we run New York she said they not ready 4 us !

@Megastarbrandstore @athugbrs
#thisis50 @ New York
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A -THUG LIVE IN BOSTON +OPENS UP 4 JR RYDER +New england hip hop awards @ max blues cafe.