Signature Clothing Live

10 Apr

Signature Clothing Live

B.R.S …Signature Clothing line
Black Rolling Stones/ Mega Star fabric Presents… “The Signature” clothing line which defines the epfininy of music, fashion and entrepreneurship. This line is made and branded by Black Rolling Stones artist Aaron “A-Thugga” McBride. The line represents and illuminates the warrior/king or queen in you. Manufactured, created and distributed from Harlem world USA We are the trend setters of the world. We spealize in a wide array of garments for men, women and children. Aaron McBride’s goal is to be a household brand and a legacy. Being a c.e.o of black rolling stones ENT and Megastar DVD & films.”He quotes if my music, videos or DVDs are not catering to a particular demographic then my abstract expression threw my new line definitely will. I got something that can appeal to the masses currently on the list of top selling garments is signature t’s,tank tops,socks,polo shirts, snap back hats-necks ,pantys,bra;s,sweater’s and hoody’s. What set me aside from the rest are the determination, dedication and ambition that goes into making the product and getting it into the market place and selling by any means. The originatinity sells it self. We plan on selling our clothing online, in major department stores, street fairs, shows and venues.

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