Born Melvin Green AKA Sun GOD was born in Jamaica West Indies and migrate to Harlem U.S. at an early age His passion for music and poetry has open his vision to see life from a much deeper level above the common norms of everyday reality. While walking on 125 street Harlem N.Y. He heard a firery hip hop track blazing  from a car speaker  and decide he have to get that CD right away. Not realizing that the infamous A- thugga was on his music grind and the introduction was introduce to his music label “Black Rolling Stones” and Megastar production.


While on the grind with him on the promotion of his music and clothing line…. I decide the time was right to lace my single “wine wine girl” a firery club banger and ‘true religion” a conscious reggae hip hop blend recorded in megastar studio in Harlem world U.S.A